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5 Tequila classics you need to try

Our tequila tastes great on its own, but its qualities also shine in combination with other ingredients. Here we present 5 classic tequila drinks that you should definitely try.


The absolute classic, the Margarita. There are various stories about the origin of this cocktail, but they all have an approximate date in common. The Margarita is said to have originated in the mid/late 1930s either in Guadalajara, Tijuana or the border city of Ciudad Juarez, and was first sold under the name Tequila Daisy. The current name also probably comes from the drink’s old name – Daisy translates into Spanish as margarita. Regardless of where it may have originated, the Margarita is now popular all over the world – and rightly so. The combination of tequila, lime, salt and orange liqueur makes the cocktail the perfect summer drink (but of course it tastes great at any time of year). If you prefer a lighter version of the classic, replace the Triple Sec with agave syrup, serve the drink on ice in a tumbler and still drink a classic: a Tommy’s Margarita.

6cl MAYACIEL Blanco

2cl freshly squeezed lime juice

2cl Triple Sec

a pinch of salt

Depending on the acidity of the limes, you can also add ½ cl agave syrup.

shake vigorously, then strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.

Foto: Ioannis Papadopoulos

Foto: Hendrik Lucka


The question of the origin of the Paloma has also not been conclusively clarified. In Mexico, tequila was and still is often mixed with various sodas to enjoy a refreshing drink in hot weather. These sodas often come from the USA, where Squirt, a grapefruit soda, came onto the market in the 1940s and also found its way to its southern neighbours. Probably one thing led to another and this great, refreshingly tangy drink was born.

6 cl MAYACIEL Blanco

2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

a pinch of salt

Pour the ingredients over ice into a highball glass, add grapefruit soda (e.g. Swiss Mountain Spring) and stir. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

Tequila Negroni

Actually, the Negroni is not a classic tequila drink – but what can be done with gin works at least as well with a high-quality tequila. The tart aperitif gains some fruity aromas and spiciness from the tequila.

6cl MAYACIEL Blanco

3 cl MAYACIEL Blanco

3 cl red vermouth

3 cl Campari

Pour into a tumbler with ice and stir for 15-20 seconds, then garnish with a grapefruit or lime zest.

Foto: Lefteris Kallergis / Unsplash

Foto: Spencer Davis / Unsplash

Bloody Maria

As with the Tequila Negroni, the Bloody Maria is also a variation on a classic: the cocktail made of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice and Tabasco can be found again and again, especially in ( american) pop culture, often as a hangover remedy in the morning after a night of drinking. The Bloody Maria is the mexican answer to the classic: the vodka is replaced by tequila, the lemon juice by lime juice and the pinch of cumin and fresh coriander create a logical addition to the flavour profile.

5 cl MAYACIEL Blanco

1 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

15 cl tomato juice

a pinch of cumin

Pour over ice into a highball glass. Season with Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and chipotle chilli sauce and garnish with fresh coriander. Optionally, the whole thing can be completed with a rim of smoked salt.

El Diablo

The El Diablo first appeared in the late 1940s. The American gastronome Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron first described the recipe in his book Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink, published in 1946. Trader Vic achieved a high degree of fame by establishing his successful system gastronomy in the US, and with him his books got famous too. This ensured that El Diablo was a popular drink, especially in the 60s and 70s, before it fell into oblivion again. The drink convinces with its tart note and simultaneous lightness, even if its name suggests otherwise.

5 cl MAYACIEL Blanco

1,5 cl Crème de Cassis

1 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

Pour into a highball glass over ice and top up with ginger ale. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge.

Foto: Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

Have fun trying those!


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