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Experience tequila in all its elegance.

100% ORGANIC. 100% AGAVE.

We are breaking new ground with our MAYACIEL Reposado. Our Reposado matures for about half a year in carefully toasted oak barrels. However, we do not use bourbon barrels as usual, but Caribbean rum barrels. This preserves the fresh agave aroma wonderfully and adds a fine caramel and vanilla finish.

MAYACIEL Tequila Reposado

Handcrafted in limited batches from the ripest agaves from our own fields, our Tequila is elegantly finished by careful maturation in oak barrels. Our Tequila Reposado combines a fine symphony of fresh agave, sweet vanilla and caramel flavours and subtle barrel spice.




Aromas of cooked agave paired with a gentle sweetness of vanilla and caramel.


An aromatic interplay of fresh, floral agave as well as tropical fruits and a subtle Caribbean barrel spice


Elegantly silky and a wonderfully smooth finish.



Tequila Generation Next - MAYACIEL breaks new ground and presents itself in a puristic and modern way. The design of the bottle reflects the distinct silhouette of the Sierra Madre. This gently rolling mountain range is home to our Tequila and offers excellent conditions for our Agave to thrive. The bronze tone on the label harmonises with the Reposado’s amber colour and at the same time reminds us of the Caribbean origin of the casks.



Being a purely natural product, Tequila can only be as good as the plant it’s made of. Our agaves form the basis for MAYACIEL's outstanding quality, and only the best and ripest agaves are used for the production of our Tequila. The plants thrive without the addition of artificial fertilisers for six to eight years on the fertile soils of Jalisco before they are harvested.
In addition, we add clear spring water filtered through volcanic rocks and wild yeast from the air kicking off the natural fermentation process. The secret ingredient however is the passion of our employees for Tequila.



We use hand-picked rum casks from the Caribbean for the maturation of our Reposado. In a first step, the barrels are prepared in an elaborate process for the subsequent restocking. The careful storage in the oak barrels gives our Reposado its fine yet multi-layered aroma. Our Tequila Reposado is matured in the barrels for about half a year.



We treat all our employees fairly and ensure that our farmers are adequately rewarded in order to maintain this wonderful tradition and culture. Our distillery not only actively cares for the protection of the natural environment, but also forms a valuable part of the local community and contributes to the preservation of the Mexican heritage.

It is equally important to us to preserve the sustainability of the Blue Weber Agave cultivation and treat the local flora and fauna with respect. The cultivation of our agave fields follows a very elaborate and sustainable procedure. Among other things, we take care to grow the agave in biodiverse environments and avoid monocultures. Furthermore, we recycle the agave residues from Tequila production into organic compost, thus closing the natural cycle.
More about sustainability.



Don Partida founded the family’s first distillery in the 1970s and dedicated his life to the art of crafting excellent Tequila. Our master distiller still uses the same recipes and techniques as his grandfather once did. Together with our small, dedicated team, we manufacture MAYACIEL by hand according to the highest quality standards.

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Drinking culture


The best way to experience the aromatic diversity of our MAYACIEL Reposado is to try it straight. At room temperature, the complex nuances of agave, vanilla and caramel unfold wonderfully. Our Reposado tastes even better in good company – ¡SALUD!

Long Drink

With MAYACIEL Reposado, you can mix fancy drinks with a special nuance in no time at all. Though, ‘less is more’: MAYACIEL Reposado paired with a neutral mixer of your choice and garnished with an orange zest. This way, the Reposado’s extraordinary flavour remains wonderfully present in the drink.


Thanks to its multi-layered aroma composition, our Tequila Reposado is perfect for creating extraordinary cocktails. Especially when reinterpreting complex classics, the Reposado provides a special note.

Cocktail Lab

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MAYACIEL Old Fashioned

6cl MAYACIEL Reposado
1cl sugar syrup
2xdashes Angustura bitters
+fill a mixing glass with ice
+add Reposado, sugar syrup and bitters
+stir for about a minute
+pour in a tumbler over fresh ice
+sprinkle and then garnish with orange zest

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MAYACIEL Espresso Martini

5cl MAYACIEL Reposado
3cl coffee liqueur

3cl espresso

+ shake well in a shaker with ice
+ strain into chilled glass
+ coffee beans for garnish

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MAYACIEL Orange Margarita

5cl MAYACIEL Reposado
3cl orange liqueur

3cl fresh lime juice

+ shake well in a shaker with ice

+ strain into chilled glass
+ orange zest for decoration

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Our story

Reminiscing about joyful times of former days our vision was born to bring Tequila and the Mexican feeling of life to Europe. With MAYACIEL we want to present Tequila in a modern way this divine spirit truly deserves and revive the exciting drinking culture surrounding it.

Our product

MAYACIEL combines individuality with passion and the highest quality with an outstanding taste. Carefully handcrafted in limited batch sizes, our Tequila is characterised by its fresh and floral taste combined with distinct Agave flavours.