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Modern and puristic, MAYACIEL presents itself as Tequila Generation Next. The cuts and design of the bottle reflect the gently rolling mountain landscape of the Sierra Madre. This mountain range frames the wide Agave fields and is home to our Tequila.


When opening a bottle of MAYACIEL, floral aromas and the genuine smell of Agave play around your nose. Our Tequila is fruity and fresh in taste, with the Agave clearly in the foreground. You will also sense the hint of lime and vanilla as well as subtle pepper notes. Thanks to our perfected distillation profile, the finish is long-lasting and complex, all while our Tequila is still gentle to drink.


Our Agave form the basis for the outstanding quality of MAYACIEL. The plants thrive on the fertile soil of Jalisco for six to eight years without the addition of artificial fertilizers. Right after the harvest, they are gently cooked and processed. The careful, two-time distillation guarantees the soft and fruity taste of our Tequila.


We treat all our employees fairly and ensure that our farmers receive adequate compensation to preserve this wonderful tradition and culture. It is equally important to us to maintain the sustainability of the Blue Weber Agave cultivation and treat the local nature with respect. Among others, we recycle the Agave residues from the production of our Tequila to organic compost, thus closing the natural cycle.


Don Partida founded the family’s first distillery in the 1970s and dedicated his life to the art of crafting excellent Tequila. Our master distiller still uses the same recipes and techniques as his grandfather once did. Together with our small, dedicated team, we manufacture MAYACIEL by hand according to the highest quality standards.


Being a natural product, Tequila can only be as good as the plant it is made from. Only the best and most mature agaves are used to produce MAYACIEL. In addition, we add clear spring water filtered through volcanic rocks and natural yeast from the air kicks off the fermentation process. The secret ingredient however is the passion and love of our employees working in production.

Our story

Reminiscing about joyful times of former days our vision was born to bring Tequila and the Mexican feeling of life to Europe. With MAYACIEL we want to present Tequila in a modern way this divine spirit truly deserves and revive the exciting drinking culture surrounding it.

Our product

MAYACIEL combines individuality with passion and the highest quality with an outstanding taste. Carefully handcrafted in limited batch sizes, our Tequila is characterised by its fresh and floral taste combined with distinct Agave flavours.

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