Carefully handcrafted in limited batch sizes, MAYACIEL comes in fresh and fruity fashion. Taking a sip, you might recognise a touch of lime and vanilla combined with a hint of black pepper – truly sensational. Thanks to our thoroughly optimised distillation profile the unique flavours of the Agave are accentuated nicely.

Salty Grapefruit Soda

In Mexico, people enjoy drinking Tequila in the form of a freshly mixed Paloma: light and elegant. Every sip of a Paloma leaves an exciting refreshment – the fruity sweet aroma of grapefruit, the fresh acidity of lime, rounded off by a pinch of sea salt and paired with a brilliantly sparkling fizz. Mix the perfect Paloma yourself in no time with the Salty Grapefruit Soda from Swiss Mountain Spring and our MAYACIEL Tequila Blanco.

Our story

Reminiscing about joyful times of former days our vision was born to bring Tequila and the Mexican feeling of life to Europe. With MAYACIEL we want to present Tequila in a modern way this divine spirit truly deserves and revive the exciting drinking culture surrounding it.

Our product

MAYACIEL combines individuality with passion and the highest quality with an outstanding taste. Carefully handcrafted in limited batch sizes, our Tequila is characterised by its fresh and floral taste combined with distinct Agave flavours.

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