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“The gentle soul of the blue agave”

“The young wild one on the tequila market”

“There are undoubtedly many good tequilas, but one of the most exciting at the moment has a German background”

“White gold – MAYACIEL Blanco Tequila”

"The young wild one on the tequila market"

"There are undoubtedly many good tequilas, but one of the most exciting at the moment has a German background"

"White gold - MAYACIEL Blanco Tequila"

"The gentle soul of the blue agave"

Traditional Tequila – simply revived

100% ORGANIC. 100% AGAVE.

The old Mexican gods already enjoyed Tequila and this extraordinary spirit has been part of the Mexican soul ever since.
Now it’s time to revive the ancient heritage. MAYACIEL presents Tequila in the modern way this divine spirit truly deserves: Handcrafted in small batches by our family and good friends, using only the finest Agave grown on the fertile soil of Jalisco for decades. The result you are now holding in your hands is a unique Tequila of unmatched quality and taste made with Mexican passion, love and pride.

Salud, Jonas & Christoph


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Tequila with passion

Colourful, exciting and simply to fall in love with, we are enthusiastic about Tequila. While we admire the longstanding tradition of this fantastic spirit, we felt that it deserves a modern appeal. MAYACIEL combines individuality with passion and the highest quality with an outstanding taste. With MAYACIEL we do not only want to introduce the best Tequila but also bring the Mexican way of life to you. Join the revolution and try it yourself!


Most importantly, MAYACIEL combines great taste with outstanding quality. However, we also put a lot of emphasis on a fair and sustainable production in order to maintain the wonderful cultural heritage of making Tequila and to preserve the beautiful nature in Jalisco.

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