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Surrounded by the vastness of powder-blue agave fields reaching to the horizon, our distillery Hacienda de Oro is located in the Valle de Tequila. The production of our unique tequila takes place here on an old estate in the small town of Amatitán. All our agaves come from the fields in the direct vicinity. The bottling of MAYACIEL also takes place just a stone’s throw away from our distillery. Therefore, the distances our agaves and our tequila travel during the production process are extremely short. The water we use in the production of our tequila comes from our distillery’s own well. In this way, we try to keep everything as regional as possible.


We took an active decision to produce MAYACIEL Tequila in small quantities in order to ensure that our high quality standards are met. In addition, our micro-batch production allows us to only source Agaves which come from our own fields. By doing so, we can guarantee that no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of our agaves. Our agaves are carefully cultivated in a sustainable and natural way, free from pure monocultures and are only harvested when they reach the perfect degree of maturity.


Tequila is an integral part of Mexico’s culture as well as all celebratory events and family gatherings in every situation in life. With MAYACIEL, we also want to create awareness of the long tradition and culture associated with tequila. Furthermore, tequila is a distillate that is produced very elaborately by hand and whose raw material, the blue Weber agave, has to mature for up to seven years, which deserves a lot of respect. So enjoy tequila consciously, ideally in the presence of good friends and family, and toast to life together.


We treat all our employees fairly and ensure that our farmers are adequately rewarded in order to maintain this wonderful tradition and culture. Our distillery not only actively cares for the protection of the natural environment, but also forms a valuable part of the local community and contributes to the preservation of the Mexican heritage.



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Our story

Reminiscing about joyful times of former days our vision was born to bring Tequila and the Mexican feeling of life to Europe. With MAYACIEL we want to present Tequila in a modern way this divine spirit truly deserves and revive the exciting drinking culture surrounding it.

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Our product

MAYACIEL combines individuality with passion and the highest quality with an outstanding taste. Carefully handcrafted in limited batch sizes, our Tequila is characterised by its fresh and floral taste combined with distinct Agave flavours.

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