Every journey begins
with the first step.

Chapter One

A second home

Our journey started more than ten years ago when Jonas was still living in Mexico. During that time, the Mexican soulfulness passed into him and he made friends for life. The country with all its colours, multifaceted culture and exciting traditions did not let go of him after his return to Germany. Mexico forever became a second home.

Chapter Two

A new lifestyle

Over the years, we have come to know Tequila in the variety of its forms but we always had the impression that Tequila and its rich tradition have not been properly translated into present day. Therefore, we decided to introduce Mexico’s way of life to Europe with our own Tequila and revive this fantastic spirit in a modern design and unique taste.

Chapter Three

A long journey

Enthusiastic about the idea of creating our own Tequila, we travelled to the heart of Mexico. In the most remote regions of Jalisco, we looked for the stories and recipes, and above all for the passion and love to craft the perfect Tequila. Through old contacts we got to know La Familia Partida and the Hacienda de Oro distillery.

Chapter Four

The perfect recipe

With the vision of creating a unique Tequila, we spent several weeks in the small town of Amatitán and developed the perfect recipe together with our friend and master distiller David Partida. Our goal was to produce a Tequila that is versatile in taste and emphases the fruity notes of Agave. MAYACIEL Tequila was born.

Chapter Five


Without doubt MAYACIEL can be labelled 100% Puro Agave Azul and for us it precisely presents the attitude towards life we love so much about Mexico. That is why MAYACIEL tastes best in great company and with good friends. So, grab your best drinking buddies, enjoy a glass of MAYACIEL, and cheer to life.

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